Friday, October 12, 2007


I'm new to Blogger.  I was flipping through some other blogs and saw a post about and I went to take a look.  I think it's an amazing program with amazing potential for helping schools, which is something that everyone thinks is a good idea, but no one really knows how to do.  Through this program, if it were more widely known, I think schools could obtain the tools they needed to actually encourage kids to learn.
I remember when I was growing up, our schools had issues at times with funding, and even as young as I was, I could see the impact it had.  I noticed when we didn't get to do certain things the classes got to do the previous years,  since I had a sister preceding me through the grades.  I noticed when we didn't get as many handouts because the school was short on paper, and how I dearly missed those warm purple lettered ditto pages.  I think my good deed for the month is going to be trying to spread word of this website to many many people.  Hopefully it will drum up enough interest in it to make even more of a difference.
I mean, if 31,000 people can make a 13 million dollar difference, imagine the difference a million people could make.


I'm tired.  It seems like I haven't been getting much sleep at all lately, and what sleep I do get is restless and full of odd dreams.  They aren't the nightmares that plague me, but they're lucid enough and strange enough to keep me from getting any real rest while I sleep.  The other night though was especially odd.  I dreamt in web page form.  There was a page with thumbnailed versions of images from many different dreams, and I would choose to go into one, and I would then have that dream until I decided to leave it and would then return to the main dream selection page.  It was very odd.  At least I'm getting a couple of days off of work each week now, working 7 days a week was starting to exhaust me, and I really missed being able to spend time with Ev and Liam.  
Sometimes it's the little things like a few minutes here or there where I just like looking over and seeing them, or being able to walk into the next room and hang out for a bit that 
made me miss them most.
Anyway, other than the exhaustion, missing my family, and work, I've been pretty non-productive about life.  I'll have to do something about that soon, I suppose.